Our lives are mediated by technology. And while much of that technology makes our lives easier, it also brought us new challenges:

  • Hyper-abundant Information. There's more information being posted to the internet every day than we could consume in a lifetime.
  • God-like Seduction. When using social media, we play the game of human attention. Our monkey brains against supercomputers. Algorithms trained to keep you engaged. Business models demanding products to be designed for addiction.
  • And, as a result, Exponential Distraction. The internet, and thus our smartphones and computers, are not the tools they used to be. Whatever you do, there's something or someone that has been designed and engineered to make you do something that you didn't necessarily want to do before.

What's your strategy for living and thriving in this new world? How will you prioritize your mission, your aspirations, your values, in the face of this? What will you do to support your wellbeing and agency?

This blog seeks to give sophisticated answers to these questions. These are new times, and we need to learn how to master them. We need to learn how to become more fully human, so that we don't end up predictable, addicted, and miserable robots.

The New Default

The truth is, if you don't ask these questions, you can't win the game. The new default is that you will fall prey to algorithms that know you better than you know yourself. Which means that you will be controlled by companies that turn your attention, choices, and free will into profit.

Why? Because we haven't learned how to master our attention. As a society, we don't really have institutions that help us cultivate high-quality attention and self-control. And even if we did, they wouldn't be up for the game because they're likely not at the frontier of human behavior change.

Which brings us to what makes this blog different. We take inspiration from the most powerful ideas and tools for enabling behavior change — Persuasive Technology, Behavior Design, Biohacking, Mindfulness, Digital Wellbeing, ... — and turn them into practical advice for how you can reclaim and master your attention.

We're Effectively Cyborgs

If you spend hours on screens every day, you're not separate from them. 

Your digital environment is an extension of yourself, and of your character. It's time to upgrade that extension, and start winning the game of attention again.

We spend so much time on self-improvement, yet we overlook one of the most important parts of ourselves. We can't change our character in a day, but we can change the Home Screen of our phone. We can't transform all our habits in a day, but we can change the digital menu we choose from. We can't move to a more clean and inspiring city overnight, but we can choose to leave certain digital spaces.

It's in this spirit of Biohacking Your Digital Self, that we will help you change your relationship to technology.

Once your digital environment is aligned with and supportive of your aspirations, your values, and your intentions, life becomes so much easier.

You suddenly get better sleep, because you didn't spend the night binge-watching. You are more focused, because you don't find yourself compulsively checking emails every 5 minutes anymore. You exercise and sit down to meditate because you don't scroll your time away.

The key to a better life in 2021 and beyond is to learn how to align technology with what you truly want

Let's get started. What are you waiting for?